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Panama anticipates $10 million tourism revenue

With the start of the new cruise season and the arrival of flights from Canada, Panama seeks to reactivate not only its attractions but also the tourism sector in general after the crisis generated throughout the world due to the Covid pandemic.

Iván Skildsen, Minister of Tourism, highlighted that it is estimated that the economic impact generated by this cruise season, which runs from October to May, will be approximately $10 million.

In Puerto Colón 2000, plans have been prepared for the issue of security in the surroundings of the area, so that tourists can enjoy the tourist attractions and that economic income is generated in the province.

Another of the strategies to attract tourists is the preparation of Taboga Island. Likewise, they prepare the Gamboa area, so that visitors do not only concentrate in the capital.

During the cruise season, from October to May, it is estimated that approximately 44 cruise ships will arrive in Panama, with an average of 2,000 to 3,000 passengers per ship.