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5 Travel Hacks for Navigating Denver Airport through all of the Construction

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Construction is underway in the Denver International Airport. The Great Hall, the airport’s terminal resting beneath the famous white tents, is set for a three and a half year renovation project. While the renovation will result in enhanced safety, a larger check-in area, and additional shopping and dining options, construction can still be a pain- especially when you are on a travel schedule.

As someone who grew up traveling Denver International Airport (DIA) since a young age and with a dad who has to navigate DIA multiple times each month for business trips, we have created a list of hacks that will make your travel in the airport a breeze, even with the construction.

Hack 1 – Leave Early: You can expect long security lines

DIA is a huge airport. This is no regional airport with one terminal and short security lines. Due to DIA’s great size, expect to be waiting in line.

Give yourself plenty of time before your flight back home to drive to the airport, check in, go through security, navigate the construction, and to reach your correct gate. It’s better to be early than late!

Hack 2- Check in Using Your Phone: Don’t wait in the ticket line

Many airlines now allow you to check in and access your ticket using your smartphone. This can drastically speed up your travel day at DIA, especially if you are not checking any bags.

Online check in usually opens 24 hours before your flight and allows you to check in from the comfort of your home/hotel room and not have to wait in line to print your tickets out.

Hack 3- Use the Bridge Security (A Gates Only): Skip those lines we have been talking about

If your flight out of Colorado is located in concourse A, save yourself some time by going through the Bridge Security. Don’t go downstairs to the main security! There is a separate security section upstairs that usually is way faster to go through. You also don’t have to wait for a train to reach the nearby concourse.

*This is a true insider tip so enjoy the ease of DIA but don’t mention it to everyone because we want this line to stay short.

Hack 4- Travel With Just a Carry On: From baggage claim to check bag lines… just pack light

In order to travel as fast as possible, avoid checking your bags. If you are able to pack all your items in a carry on sized bag, you will eliminate one of the longest lines on your airport adventure, the bag check-in line.

Another perk to this method is that you no longer have to stress about losing/waiting for a bag at baggage claim- this eliminates another part of your travel day and allows you to begin your vacation sooner!

Hack 5- Kill Time By Exploring DIA’s Conspiracy Theories: Just enjoy your time at the airport, it is inevitable

If you have a lot of time to kill at the airport, make it fun by looking for some of DIA’s features that have many conspiracy theorists going crazy! Look for the aiport’s dedication stone that mentions “The New World Airport Commission”, which conspirators tie to a supposed secret society that is working to become a single global all-powered government.

There are also a few bizarre paintings (two actually had to be taken down due to being too offensive) around the airport that conspiracists also tie to this secret society. Also don’t forget to look for the demonic blue horse statue on your drive into the airport!

Hopefully these five travel hacks make your travel day to and from Colorado as smooth and relaxing as possible. We hope you have safe travels whether you are flying in to start your vacation or flying back home!

Source: Peak One Express