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Friends and family remember shooting spree victim one year later


Friends and family gathered to remember the victim of a 2021 shooting spree that stretched from Denver to Lakewood, leaving five dead. Sarah Steck was killed while working at the Hyatt House in BelMar. 

Her brother Ryan Steck still can’t believe she’s gone. 

“This turnout really shows just how loving and amazing of a person she was,” he said. “It’s a reflection of Sarah and just how big of an impact she had on the community.”

Several Lakewood Police agents attended her vigil to pay their respects. Lakewood Police Agent Garrett Boyd was on the scene in BelMar that tragic night. 

“That night was one of the worst nights of all of our lives,” said Boyd. “It’s amazing to see so much support coming out for Sarah to show how much they loved her.”

Boyd was at the scene with Agent Ashley Ferris who was shot in the line of duty before killing the gunman. The two say they don’t feel like heroes. 

“My heart goes out to the families and to the coworkers that had to go through that night and have to relive it again,” said Boyd. “Belmar is a good place. People come here to eat and shop. It’s scary that a person came here and had evil in their mind and in their heart.”

Her brother says no one thinks this could ever happen to them or their families. Sarah Steck was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He says it’s time for gun violence to end. 

“We need to figure out a way that we can stop this. I don’t know where to begin, or how to get the ball rolling, but I’m going to do everything in my power to try and come up with a solution,” said Ryan. “I do not want anybody ever to feel the sadness and the grief my family and I feel today.”

Sarah Steck had recently graduated from Metropolitan State University Denver with an arts degree. Donations were collected this evening for an art scholarship fund in her name. 

Source: CBS Colorado