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New House speaker on potential assault weapons ban, TABOR


DENVER (KDVR) — Governor Jared Polis laid out his vision for Colorado in 2023 and beyond. But he will need the help of state lawmakers to make his ideas a reality, including those in his own party who now hold historic majorities at the state Capitol.

New Speaker of the House, State Rep. Julie McCluskie (D-Dillon), discussed some of the governor’s plans on our political program, Colorado Point of View.

Polis talked about several issues he wants to tackle during his 70-minute State of the State address. That included housing, water rights, making Colorado more affordable and combating crime.

The governor said he wants Colorado to become one of the top 10 safest states in the nation, but lawmakers will have to find common ground on some issues. A draft of a proposed statewide assault weapons ban leaked last week, which already caused controversy before even being introduced. Colorado Point of View anchor Matt Mauro asked the House Speaker if she supports that ban.

“I will take a position on a bill when it’s introduced. I think that it’s very unfortunate that a draft of that bill was shared in a public way when it was still a work in progress,” McCluskie said. “At the end of the day, the legislation that’s introduced, the legislation that comes forward has to be about saving lives. And that is where I believe all of our democrats will be focused.”

Another proposed bill that leaked before being introduced would ask voters this November to divert refunds Coloradans would receive from the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, or TABOR, to help fund public education. The new House Speaker said when voters demand services like high-quality education, they need to be adequately funded.

“As we look at how our fiscal structure works, it’s time to talk about modernizing that structure,” McCluskie said. “I think voters really appreciate the ability to weigh in on tax increases. I also think there are challenges with TABOR.”

You can watch the full exclusive interview with Colorado’s new Speaker of the House on Colorado Point of View this Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 7:30 a.m. on Channel 2.

Source: KDVR