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Owner fed up after Denver convenience store burglarized three times in 2022

Conu’s Corner in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood was burglarized three times in 2022. Owner Thuc Nhu Hoang reached out to Contact Denver7 for help, saying they can’t go through another break-in.

“I don’t feel safe at all,” the business owner said. 

In June 2020, multiple masked suspects burglarized the store. In 2022, the business was broken into three times. According to the Denver Police Department (DPD), the first two incidents happened in February and June, with the most recent one happening on December 27.

Hoang calls the latest incident the worst one of them all.

“The door is supposed to be here or here, but they broke the whole thing,” she said.

Hoang and other store employees now have to enter the store through the back due to the damage. The owner was also forced to close the store to customers.

“They broke inside, all the panels come out. They got the ATM machine,” Hoang told Denver7.

There are multiple surveillance cameras inside and outside of the business, along with with an alarm system, which Hoang says has gone off and alerted police during every break in.

Hoang says she’s at her breaking point and that Denver police have not done anything to prevent this from happening again.

We didn’t get any protection from police or anything,” the business owner said. “If the police came right away, how can they get away with that?”

Contact Denver7 reached out DPD Monday to see what steps were being taken to prevent break-ins from happening again. The department responded Tuesday, saying safety recommendations were made after the first burglary. More recently, community resource officers reached out with crime prevention tips, according to Denver PD.

Denver police stressed that when a business has a pattern of crimes, officers conduct extra patrols.

“If they do that, what happened to my store right now? Look at all this evidence,” said Hoang.

Hoang says her husband did take a call from police on Tuesday offering to help, so they’re hopeful something can be done.

“We need more protection in this area from police,” said Hoang. “I just worry about people breaking into my store again and again.”

Conu’s Corner isn’t the only business in the area that’s been recently burglarized. Next-door neighbor Quarterback Liquor says it just had a break-in in October.