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Students Get Close-up View of Planes at Centennial Airport

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (KDVR) – Students from Grant Beacon Middle School in Denver took a field trip Thursday to Centennial Airport. It is all part of a unique aerospace and rocketry enrichment class that is unique to Denver Public Schools.

Centennial Airport is the third busiest non-commercial airport in the country and today, it is also a classroom.

More than two dozen sixth, seventh and eighth-grade students were on the trip.

“The enrichment program at Grant Beacon is a way to provide students with opportunities that they might not have resources for,” said Liz Kailey, Denver Public Schools enrichment teacher.

First stop, an up close and personal look at an aircraft.

“A lot of the students that I’ve had in the enrichment program have gone on to actually be engineering students in college or to go on in aviation,” Kailey said.

This unique opportunity has not gone unnoticed by eighth grad student Noah Bradley. This is his seventh time he has attended this aeronautical field trip.

“I really like this enrichment. I think it’s really fun to go look inside the planes and like just look at all the stuff and do preflight instructions,” he said.

Noah’s father, John Bradley, is a self-described aviation enthusiast. He said he thinks this is an amazing opportunity for his son.

“Absolutely I think getting him in the field and hands-on I mean what other class do you actually go on the airplane and do a preflight check?” he said.

Will Noah attend another aviation excursion? Probably. After all, the sky’s the limit.

Source: KDRV News