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Sacramento will start and end a luxury Northern California cruise

(KTXL) — The American Jazz will use California’s capital city as the starting and end point for luxury cruises spanning eight days that will travel along the California Delta.

San Francisco was supposed to be used for the cruise’s departure and arrival point, but the change to Sacramento was due to the docking agreement not being approved, American Cruise Lines spokesperson Alexa Paolella told FOX40. 

However, San Francisco will remain part of the cruise’s itinerary and guests are able to do excursions in both cities, as well as other “shoreside experiences” throughout Napa Valley, Paolella said.

The cruise dubbed the “Napa Valley Cruise” will start in Sacramento, then make its way to Stockton, San Francisco, Vallejo and Napa. The boat will sail through the Sacramento River, San Francisco Bay, San Pablo Bay, the Napa River and the San Joaquin River.  

The cruises are the first to sail on the California Delta in 80 years. The cruise ship is one of the larger ships to dock in Sacramento in recent memory. 

According to the cruise’s itinerary, These are the trip’s excursions: 

•Day one — Sacramento

•Day two — Stockton

•Day three — San Francisco/Vallejo

•Day four — Napa River/San Pablo Bay

•Day five — Napa

•Day six — California Delta

•Day seven — Sacramento

•Day eight — Sacramento

The American Jazz cruise ship has 99 rooms, six common areas and has a capacity of 180 guests, according to the American Cruise Lines website. 

The cruise ship was first spotted near the Tower Bridge and the Old Sacramento Waterfront in March. The eight-day cruise had departure dates in 2023 on March 3, 10, 17 and 24. 

The American Jazz is expected to host cruises in 2024 on Aug. 5, 12, 19 and 26 and Sept. 2, according to its website. The 2024 cruises start $6,330 per person and can go all the way to $12,265. 

Source: fox40