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U.S.-Costa Rica Joint Commitment to Address the Hemispheric Challenge of Irregular Migration

The text of the following statement was released by the Governments of the United States of America and Costa Rica.

On the occasion of the one-year anniversary of the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection and in furtherance of our strong bilateral partnership, the United States and Costa Rica announce today an exploratory six-month implementation phase of the Movilidad Segura Offices initiative starting on June 12, 2023.

This initiative will facilitate access to lawful pathways to the United States and other countries, including expedited refugee processing and other humanitarian and labor pathways.  During the exploratory phase, Movilidad Segura services will be limited to Nicaraguan and Venezuelan nationals, who can prove that they were physically present in Costa Rica on the date of this announcement and who are currently registered as asylum seekers.

Effective today, individuals who enter Costa Rica after this announcement will not be eligible for this initiative.  Individuals who enter Costa Rica irregularly after June 12 may be subject to return to their home country if they do not have a legal basis to remain in the country.  Similarly, those who continue on and attempt to cross the U.S. Southwest border unlawfully will face stiff consequences, including a potential five-year bar to admission and removal to one’s home country.

In the first two months of the exploratory phase, only eligible individuals will be contacted to schedule a screening appointment at a Movilidad Segura office in Costa Rica to assess whether they are a qualified candidate for lawful pathways to the United States or other countries.  Following the first two months, eligible individuals, who have entered Costa Rica before the date of this announcement, will be required to make a screening appointment online at the MovilidadSegura.org website.  Individuals will not be able to request an appointment in person at a Movilidad Segura office.

In addition to this initiative, the United States and Costa Rica reaffirm their commitment to work with all countries across the region to promote integration of refugees and migrants, expand lawful pathways, and promote humane border management.

Source : Usembassy