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Letter to the Editor: Offshore wind power

To the editors in regard to the opinions expressed in the op-ed Thanks to tribal partnerships California can lead the world on offshore wind:

On behalf of the Xolon Salinan Tribe, we the People refute this opinion.

We are the ancient people of the California Central Coast. No other tribe nor the Northern Chumash Council, which is a non-profit organization, speaks for us. We speak on behalf of the ancestors.

The first phase and location of these future turbines will be placed within the aboriginal territories of the Xolon Salinan ancient Cambria oceans.

The state’s elected officials must align to the proper tribes, that have proven their heritage and are the true legitimate voice for California’s Central Coast.

Damage to cultural resources will be difficult to mitigate.

History once again will be lost.

The People of the Xolon Salinan Tribe find it hard to understand, how the NCC, represents two polar-opposite projects within the California Central Coast — a sanctuary, to protect and preserve and the wind turbine farms, that will carry deep negative impact on delicate eco-systems within these ancient oceans.

The California Coastlines must be protected and delicately balanced or a detrimental effect will be on the horizon.

Source: Capitol Weekly