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Where Did Nick Derzis Get the Purple Suit? ‘I Have My Own Style,’ Hoover Police Chief Says

With a nation watching, Hoover police Chief Nick Derzis stepped up to a microphone Wednesday to try to explain the bizarre disappearance of Carlee Russell.

What he said was interesting, for sure.

But what he wore also captured the attention of the masses who have followed every twist and turn of the saga.

Russell seemingly vanished one week ago today after stopping her red Mercedes on Interstate 459 after she said she saw a toddler in a diaper walking along the interstate.

That suit, though.

As YouTube pundits put it, “That’s some haberdashery.”

“Here is my takeaway from the news conference,’’ wrote Helena police Chief Brad Flynn. “My friend Chief Derzis’ suit game is beyond question.”

“He is always the best dressed in the room, but today? Absolute fire,’’ Flynn wrote. “I gotta step up my game. Seriously.”

Former Helena police Chief Pete Folmar agreed.

“The man has always been the definition of sartorial splendor,’’ Folmar wrote.

Across social media, the suit almost stole the show.

“What’s with the suit?” was the title of a Reddit thread.

“My friend is the buyer at Bloomingdales. It’s from the Hugo Boss ‘(Expletive) Around and Find Out’ Summer 2023 collection. Limited Edition I believe,’’ one user wrote.

“He was headed to the Barbie premiere right after the presser,” said another.

Folks on Twitter joined in as well:

  • “I’m disappointed in the #CarleeRussell situation, she needs to be held accountable but anyone peep the Prada suit..how much chief of police get paid.’’
  • “Time I seen that chief of police in his periwinkle suit I knew it was all a lie”
  • “I knew that chief was about to come with receipts when I was his Easter purple suit”
  • “Is the police chief wearing a plum suit with a lavender tie?”
  • “Outrage aside for two secs… that Police Chiefs purple suit was casket SHARP you hear me.”
  • “Done made the chief of police put on his BEST LAVENDER suit for this”

On Facebook, Kye Walker wrote, “If the Police Chief comes dressed in a magenta suit assume he or she has dotted the Is and crossed the Ts.”

April Dudley Mitchell had this to say, “Hoover Police Chief pulled out his Steve Harvey Collection suit for the occasion today. He said y’all not bout to play with him. “

One TikToker wrote, “Anybody who owns a purple suit is nothing to play with. He put on his Easter Sunday best to report on cheese crackers, Takiki’s and a wig.”

Derzis’ fashion sense may have been news to the rest of the world, but anyone who knows the chief knows never to try to predict the combination of colors and patterns he’s going to don.

Wednesday’s suit was custom tailored by Tom James Company in Hoover.

“I have my own style,’’ said Derzis, who has been the Hoover police chief for 18 years. “Some people make fun of my clothes and some people like them. It’s really just what I like.”

“I like a lot of color. I like stuff that stands out,’’ he said. “That’s just my personality.”

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