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Thousands of Flights Are Delayed or Canceled Following Severe Storms

Thousands of flights have been delayed or canceled Tuesday following a round of severe storms that hammered the eastern United Sates.

More than 330 flights were canceled early Tuesday, with another 1,400 delayed, according to data from FlightAware. It’s a significant improvement from Monday when 8,200 flights were delayed and 1,600 were canceled.

Delta Air Lines has 100 cancellations, roughly 3% of its schedule, and another 226 flights were delayed Tuesday. New York’s LaGuardia is the most impacted airport with 20 flights canceled and 22 flights delayed. Other major airports dealing with a small amount of cancellations and delays include Atlanta, Newark Liberty and Boston Logan.

Monday’s round of severe storms left nearly 400,000 homes and business were without power in a large swath of eastern US a day earlier and left at least two people dead, damaged neighborhoods and stranded dozens of people on a Maryland road for hours.

Although the weather may be to partly to blame, these delays and cancellations have been par for the course for months now. Staffing shortages affecting airlines and traffic control personnel have caused ground stops throughout the summer travel season.

The Federal Aviation Administration said Monday it has limited ability to direct New York flights north through Canadian airspace because of “staffing issues” in Canada.

Source : CNN