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Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour in Talks With AMC for a Concert Film

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour may be coming to a theater near you.

Makers of a concert film based on the smash-hit concert are reportedly in advanced talks to directly distribute the movie through AMC Theaters, according to a Variety report. Major talent firm CAA started preliminary talks with big movie studios and streamers two weeks ago, according to the report.

The film, which has apparently been in the works for years, would feature footage from Beyoncé’s live concerts, along with background on how the show came to be.

AMC and CAA did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The news comes as Taylor Swift’s own concert film nears its release date of Oct. 13. The movie, based on her Eras Tour, will be globally distributed through AMC and is set to be a blockbuster. First-day ticket sales for Swift’s movie got to $26 million and some estimate the film will top $100 million the weekend it opens.

According to Variety, Beyoncé‘s deal structure could follow a similar one as Swift’s, who will pocket over half of the box receipts from the movie. Sources told Variety that Beyoncé’s deal terms are subject to change.

Both Beyoncé and Swift have been partially responsible for a bump in consumer spending this summer despite the pressure of inflation on consumers’ wallets. The Grammy-award-winning artists have also been credited for boosting local economies worldwide while they toured around the globe.

Some industry analysts are banking on the presence of the music icons to have a similar effect on the film industry where movie theaters and ticket sales have been struggling, exacerbated by a historic strike by writers and actors in Hollywood that put a pause on some production.

Source : CNBC