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Increase in UFO Reports Worries Pentagon Research Office

The Pentagon office in charge of investigating reports of unidentified aerial phenomena (commonly known as UFOs) is experiencing an increase in monthly sighting reports. As of April of this year, the office has received about 800 reports of unidentified objects, up from 650 reports received in August 2022. These reports mainly concern objects observed in the air.

The vast majority of these reports have been deemed attributable to objects such as balloons or drones. However, there is concern that some of these reports may be related to espionage activities by U.S. adversaries.

Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the Office of Anomaly Resolution, explained to CNN that “there are some troubling indicators that can be attributed to foreign activity, and we are investigating them very thoroughly.” These statements were made prior to the release of the annual report on unidentified aerial phenomena.

The annual report highlights that sightings of unidentified objects can pose problems for flight safety, especially given that most sightings occur in areas of restricted military airspace.

For now, the Anomaly Resolution Office continues its work investigating and monitoring these mysterious unidentified aerial phenomena.

Source: Marca