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More Police to Patrol Some Roadways in Virginia Beach

Nearly 700 people have died in traffic crashes on Virginia roadways so far this year, and 99 pedestrians have been struck and killed, according to preliminary data from the Virginia State Police.

To prevent more loss, Virginia State Police and Virginia Beach Police are upping enforcement this weekend and in the coming months.

Virginia Beach residents who live along Shore Drive told News 3 speeding in the area is becoming a problem.

“I do find them very fast,” said Alyce Antoniello of Virginia Beach. “They’re very fast here.”

A number of neighbors said they often notices drivers ignoring posted speed limits.

“It concerns me of course when I am driving, yeah, because you have to be extra careful,” added Antoniello.

Other Shore Drive neighbors said they’ve seen people going 20 miles or more over the speed limit, driving drunk, or getting in bad accidents.

“We’ve had a couple of fatalities on Shore Drive this year,” said Virginia Beach Police public information officer Jude Brenya. “Speed has been a factor, intoxication has been a factor, and distracted driving has been a factor. So, all of those three things are factors in fatal crashes and serious injury crashes.”

Shore Drive will soon see more police presence. It’s not the only area where police are upping traffic patrol efforts.

“We have heard the complaints,” said officer Brenya. “This is part of our way of addressing some of those complaints.”

Starting Saturday and continuing several weeks Virginia Beach police are increasing enforcement in historically high crash areas and specific areas of concern. Virginia State Police will also be out in full force in the coming weeks. They’re sending extra patrols along hundreds of miles on I-64, I-95, I-81, and I-66.

“We tell [drivers] this all the time, driving is a privilege and not a right, and it’s a privilege that can be taken away,” said Ryan Adcock, public relations specialist, AAA Tidewater Virginia.

Each department has one goal in mind:

“When it comes to crashes, we are trying to zero it, right, that’s the goal of the police department,” said Brenya.

Police urge you to be mindful every time you get behind the wheel. That means eliminating distractions like cell phones, paying attention to traffic laws and, of course, not drinking and driving.

Source: WTKR