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Chris Evans Confirms He’s Married at NYCC, Shows Off Wedding Band

Chris Evans just broke a lot of hearts, confirming he’s married … and trotting out the hardware to prove it.

The ‘Avengers’ actor hit the stage Saturday during New York Comic Con — where he sat for a Q&A and talked about a lot of stuff … but most notably, he explicitly said he was hitched and enjoying the husband life. In the same breath, he also flashed his wedding band.

Dude wasn’t hiding it whatsoever … and during his remarks, he elaborated a bit on the ceremonies he and his wife, Alba Baptista, shared. Indeed, there was more than one.

He says they had one wedding on the East Coast — which, per reports, went down at his Boston-area home — and they had a separate one in Alba’s native Portugal. CE goes on to explain that planning those was a lot of work, but that they’re happy and settled now.

Chris didn’t go into much further detail beyond that … including the prospect of kids, of which he has none. Considering his wife is only 26, though, it’s presumably not off the table.

Anyway … this finally puts all the rumors to rest. Chris is off the market, and finally took the big plunge. His relationship with Alba has been incredibly low-key — which jibes with his celebrity profile in general, dude is very private and tends to stay out of the spotlight.

That’s one less famous bachelor to swoon over … sorry, ladies. And congrats, Chris!

Source : TMZ