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DeSantis wants Disney ride safety inspections in Florida

Gov. Ron DeSantis wants the state to be in charge of inspecting ride safety at Disney.

It’s one of the latest proposed changes from Republicans as they look to take control of the theme park.

In an exclusive interview, WESH 2 spoke with Republican Sen. Blaise Ingoglia on Tuesday. He filed an amendment on Tuesday targeting Disney’s government.

“Disney started this and this governor is ending it,” Sen. Blaise Ingoglia said.

Ingoglia blames Disney World for the back and forth with DeSantis.

“Everyone keeps forgetting that the legislature wouldn’t have gotten involved if Disney didn’t get involved,” Ingoglia said.

Disney World took a stance against the governor’s Parental Rights in Education law which critics call the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

Since then, the state has proposed several changes. One of which looks to alter the way Disney monitors any injuries on its rides and monorails. This could change the voluntary agreement put in place more than 20 years ago.

Right now, major attractions get to file their reports about guests who may get hurt on rides. Ingoglia said this would not apply to other parks like Universal, Legoland or SeaWorld.

“Because Universal doesn’t have the ability to self-govern. Universal doesn’t have the ability to do imminent domain. Universal doesn’t have the ability to issue their own building permit. Disney does,” Ingoglia said. “That’s where the unfairness and anti-competitive nature of what they’ve had and what they’ve enjoyed for decades comes in.”

State Sen. Geraldine Thompson said in a statement to WESH 2 saying, “I am fully supportive of greater oversight and inspections for amusement rides in Florida; however, to impose additional requirements only on Disney reeks of retribution and does not level the playing field for amusement parks.”

Ride designer Bill Kitchen, President of U.S. Thrill Rides, agreed.

“That’s a ridiculous proposition. How can the state of Florida do a better job than Disney’s done for 50 years?” Kitchen said. “There have been millions of people over the years enjoying Disney parks. Of course, there are going to be some accidents and incidents, you know, there’s never been a perfect park. There’s never been a perfect ride. There’s never been a perfect ride inspector. But they’re as close as you can get to being perfect.”

Kitchen says there are two important parts to ride safety.

“One is the ride itself. And the second is the people who are trained to operate the ride. Nobody in the world does a better job than Disney. Nobody does a better job in the world of inspecting the rides and making sure that they’re safe,” he said.

In the latest theme park injury report, Disney, Universal and SeaWorld reported seven injuries from January through March. Legoland and Bush Gardens did not report any.

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