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“I Wanted to Help Other Women”: Commercial Surrogacy Industry Booming in Georgia

The commercial surrogacy industry is booming in Georgia.

Doctors say they’re seeing more couples turning to non-traditional methods to conceive.

Yesenia LaTorre, 26, says her pride and joy is being a mom, “After I had my son, He was around 1-year-old I found myself unexpectedly pregnant again.”

LaTorre says that’s when she received devastating news, “I eventually had a miscarriage and 2018 and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through my whole life.”

She says she experienced a miracle shortly after with the healthy birth of her second child.

LaTorre says the painful experience inspired her to help others. “Going through my miscarriage made me think about all the women who are not able to have children,” she said.

LaTorre has since taken on the role of a surrogate.

Her story shared on social media gained over 200 TikTok followers, flooded with questions and interest.

Experts say it’s no surprise.

“It’s booming and surgency is exploding,” said Dr. Daniel Shapiro, Medical Director at the Reproductive Biology Association.

He says societal changes are fueling high interest in reproductive alternatives, “The big things are the LGBTQ community using surrogacy for obvious reasons, women with health problems trying a pregnancy or women who have tried and their uterus has rendered them incapable of safely [carrying].”

According to Global Market Insights, the commercial surrogacy industry is expected to reach $129 billion by 2032.

“It would be hard to spend less than $150,000 and the most expensive part of that is the surrogacy, not the IVF,” said Shapiro.

LaTorre says she isn’t planning another surrogacy but has found a new purpose through her advocacy work. “I know I have touched so many women’s hearts,” she said.

Source: Atlanta News First